Welcome to Westweb.

You have reached and are restricted to this web page because of reasons below:

        You have cancelled your account with us.

        Your account has been suspended because of non-payment.

        There was a problem with your automatic bank draft payment.

        Your check payment to us for your service bounced (an additional $25 fee will be applied to your balance).

Please go by our office from the hours of 1PM to 5PM weekdays to make your payment. There will be a $3.00 late fee added to your outstanding balance. Or, you can make an electronic payment via Paypal using your credit card or bank account. Simply select your wireless package in the drop down menu below, then click on the Paypal button.

Your service will be reinstated once we receive the payment confirmation from Paypal. Until that time, you will not be able to browse the Internet.

As a reminder, your monthly payment is due on the first of each month. A $3.00 late is added on the 10th. If we have not received your full payment by the 20th, your service is suspended and all web browsing is redirected to this page.

Please note: if the 20th of the month will fall on Saturday or Sunday, our cutoff day will be Thursday night (the 19th) around midnight. This way, if you choose not to pay using Paypal, you will have our normal business hours Friday to make your payment at our office.

Please note: You must pay for the correct monthly package. If you do not know which package your service is set to, please look on your monthly invoice card that is mailed to you each month, it will indicate the price of your monthly package. Then select the matching one in the drop-down menu below with the additional reconnect and late fees added. Your service will not be reinstated if you make a partial payment of your full account balance.


To pay for your service, select your monthly package below ($15 reconnect fee + %10 late fee are added)
To pay your late fees only, select your monthly package below: